Ruby books

While some of the best sources of Ruby training materials are online, books are still great references, source of learnings and great way to pass on knowledge to others. Let's go through a list of great titles to know about, grab and have a read.

First step when landing in a team

When arriving in a team, we usually start with a very simple, but important, step : setting one first automated process or reviewing if it's already in place : linting.

Beyond the usual Rails : background jobs

RubyOnRails has a great and vibrant ecosystem filled with many utilities for all kind of purposes. One of those purposes is background jobs.

Beyond the usual Rails : monitoring

RubyOnRails applications, just like any other, need to be monitored. There are quite a few options out there, let's see what we usually go with for most projects and where we can go beyond the basics.

Beyond the usual : incident management 101

Let’s be direct and honest : incidents will happen. It’s not a question of ‘if’ it’s a question of ‘when’. So, our usual strategy at Imfiny is to prepare for them and train people to be ready. If you are ready there is a better chance you stay cool in the face of the fire.

Beyond the usual : security checks

What ever the service one thing we don’t want to see is a security issue with our code. The RoR ecosystem has a few good ways to help us avoid that.

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