POST 8 Oct, 2021

Ruby books

Thomas Riboulet

Lead consultant

While some of the best sources of Ruby training materials are online, books are still great references, source of learnings and great way to pass on knowledge to others. Let's go through a list of great titles to know about, grab and have a read.

The Ruby Programming Language

One of the books that is possibly a bit outdated but still a good desktop reference is "The Ruby Programming Language" (ISBN: 0596516177). It covers the basis of the language and a bit beyond. One has to recognize online resources are probably better but for someone picking up Ruby it might well be a good one to browse through.

The Well grounded Rubyist

Probably a good replacement or alternative for the one above. Written by David A. Black and Joseph Leo III, this book (ISBN: 9781617295218) covers the language in a very direct approach. It allows to build a good base understanding of the language.

Practical Object Oriented Design In Ruby

This book (ISBN: 0321721330) by Sandi Metz is a great resource to dig into Object Oriented Programming with Ruby by going through several exercises. It's a great one for any Rubyist to pick up great approaches and reflect on their way to write Ruby.

Eloquent Ruby

This book (ISBN: 0321584104) by Russ Olsen is a good pick to better ways to write Ruby. It's probably better suited for intermediate to advanced Ruby developers.

Design patterns in Ruby

Another book from Russ Olsen (ISBN: 0321490452) which is a great pick to learn how to use several of the most commons design patterns with Ruby and its specificities. A good one to have to build better software that is more efficient and more maintainable.

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